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Zach Terrell



5 Step Approach to Mastering Quarterback Play

1. Feet
2. Balance
3. Core
4. Upper Body Mechanics
5. Eyes


The Quarterback position is the most mentally demanding position in all of sports. A Quarterback is responsible for knowing everything that is happening both pre and post snap for not only his offense but the opposing defense as well. This being said, providing the QB with routine and skills to help him feel prepared and confident will help take his game to the next level.


Meet the Coach

Zach Terrell has been proclaimed by many as "the King of the Too's". A term coined by his Head football coach P.J. Fleck while Zach was in college at Western Michigan. The Too's refer to all the labels Zach was given by naysayers throughout his career in football. Too small. Too slow. Too weak of an arm. Too inexperienced. Too small of a school. Despite all these labels put on him, Zach made it to the highest level, the NFL, when he signed with the Baltimore Ravens as an undrafted free agent. As a record-setting collegiate quarterback at Western Michigan University, he was the 2016 winner of the 27th Academic Heisman Trophy. Zach now uses his knowledge of the game to train QB's to rise above any labels placed on them. These sessions will help you grow in the areas of leadership, faith, family, purpose, passion, and football.

Zach Terrell with Peyton Manning and Steve Spurier



3 Time All-MAC QB & Team Captain


Best TD to INT Ratio in the Country


WMU Record for Total Passing Yards


Career Touchdowns (Most all time)

2016 Hiesman Semi-Finalist
2016 Davey O'Brien Semi-Finalist
2016 MAC Vern Smith Leadership MVP
2016 William V. Campbell Winner
2016 Wuerffell Trophy Semi-Finalist

  • Fundamental Training (50 Mins.)
  • 1 on 1: $60
  • 2 on 1: $90
  • 3 on 1: $105
  • 4 on 1: $120
  • Team Rate(5+): $150
  • Film or Playbook Study (30 Mins.)
  • 1 on 1: $30
  • 2 on 1: $45
  • 3 or more: $60

Contact Me

Please feel free to contact me via email or through any of my social media accounts.